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When I started dancing at age 7 I found a joy like no other… creating art and transforming spaces with my body.

Behind the scenes at our latest shoot
We take a look beyond the scenes at our latest FINLAY photoshoot. Shot by the incredibly talented @stoney_darkstone, we caught up with some of the models to discover more about them and their creative projects. 
First up it's Caitlin....
FINLAY Spectacles

We loved having you model for the FINLAY shoot. Your energy was infectious and you bought a unique feel to the shoot, incorporating your dance moves gave images a really cool and different vibe. What made you want to be a dancer?
When I was very young I originally wanted to be an interior designer because I loved the idea of transforming and creating a space. When I started dancing at age 7 I found a joy like no other… creating art and transforming spaces with my body. I knew I would always dance but when I saw a dance couple ‘Alleviate’ on TV I knew I wanted to pursue it as a career. They trained at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts which coincidentally happened to be where I ended up training years later.
FINLAY Sunglasses

So you model, dance and act. What is it that you love the most about your different creative endeavours?
The thing I love most about them is that every day is something new: Whether that’s travelling to new countries, learning a new skill or meeting new people. Within the work itself I love to become a character, whether that’s a full blown outfit or a pair of classy frames i find myself getting into a role that takes me away from reality for a while. It’s pretty magical.
What was your favourite frame from the new collection and why?
Wow, that's such a tricky question. I’m pretty torn between the Vivians from the new Sustainable Collection and also the Henrietta and the Florence frames. I felt really boujie with the statement Florence frames and instantly fell in love but I ended up actually wearing the Henrietta frames. I wanted something I could wear with any outfit and one which had style and class with a cat-eye silhouette. I’ll definitely be getting the Florence ones if I ever find myself on the red carpet though.
You can see Caitlin dancing in the new Ed Sheeran video for his latest hit single Bad Habits.

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